The Performance Difference is a show featuring companies interested in achieving their business goals by building employee growth in specific skills based on the company’s business drivers. Our podcast highlights companies’ success strategies for hiring the right people and building employee growth.We feature a group of professionals focused on recruiting, retaining and improving employees. These include Human Resources professionals, managers of recruiting firms and human development personnel. We’ll discuss which strategies are working (and which aren’t), and trends in the industry. Some of our podcast titles include:

The Essence of Leadership

Civility in the Workplace

Interactive Learning Platforms

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As leaders, we all have those moments where we get knocked down. These moments are embarrassing and humiliating. Depending on how you react to them, these moments can strengthen and evolve your leadership. Listen to Jinnie and my conversation with Bill Treasurer, author of “A Leadership Kick in the Ass”. You can learn how to not let those “kicks” deflate you.

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