We provide customizable recruitment and employee development solutions that predict and develop job performance while enhancing fair hiring practices and work satisfaction. Utilizing Harrison Assessments (HA) technology we can provide deep insight without needing a psychologist to interpret.

The Harrison Assessments profiling system measures job ‘suitability’ based on task preferences, work environment preferences, interests and personality traits. ‘Suitability’ is defined as the degree to which a person’s natural tendencies and preferences correspond with the requirements of a particular position. Harrison Assessments measures 150 traits that extrapolate to 270 job-relevant factors, therefore making it possible for each person’s assessment to be totally unique.

Look at what others are saying about the Harrison Assessment:

The Harrison Assessment is used in the recruitment process for all of our key positions because it is completely tailored to the job which establishes the validity we need to substantiate our hiring decisions. We learn so much from the results that we can zero-in on potential problem areas much faster than we could using traditional job interviews alone. Our hiring managers won’t go back to life before using the Harrison – it would be like returning to the Dark Ages.”

– Tiffany Jacobs-Quinn, Human Resources Manager, City of Pasadena, California

Package Name: Recruitment“One Great Person = Three Good People”
Who Is This For?
  • Any company that is hiring 1 or more new employees
  • Especially those that:
    • Are hiring to fill key roles
    • Are hiring large numbers at one time
    • Have struggled with “bad hires” in the past
    • Need to maximize their recruiting budget as well ensure quality hiring results
What Do We Get? With this package you will receive:

  • Access to the online Harrison Assessment Questionnaire for each candidate
  • Three (3) Harrison Assessment reports that include customized information about the candidate and the role being applied for:
  • Job Success Factors
  • Interview Guide
  • How to Attract This Candidate
  • Report analysis and individual coaching from a Harrison Certified Coach
  • Clarity on the candidates strengths and growth areas as it relates to a specific role
  • Information to help you weed-out candidates that are a poor match for the role and/or company culture
  • Information to help you attract, recruit and hire candidates that are best for the role and company culture
  • An action plan to build development areas in promising candidates/hires
What’s In It For Me? For Managers, Hiring Managers, HR Leaders:

  • Receive customized data that analyzes and compares the employee’s natural traits to the specific traits needed for their role.
  • Align employer and employee needs
  • Hire performers with high potential to be successful and engaged – thus avoiding the added costs of replacing performers later
  • Information to help supervisors and leaders effectively manage and engage new hires – from onboarding throughout their career at the company

For the candidate:

  • Understand your strengths and how to leverage them to your best performance.
  • Gain clarity on your weaknesses and brainstorm ways to lessen their impact on your performance
  • Increase self-esteem and confidence
  • Increase your ability to articulate the value you bring
  • Walk away with a clear plan on what you need to do to increase performance in your role
Delivery Method:
  • Electronic copies of 3 Harrison Assessment reports per candidate
  • Report debrief sessions held on-site or virtually by phone or web
  • Call for Pricing