eLearning & Mobile Learning

Package Name: Establishing eLearning/mLearning Training Initiatives
Who Is this For? Companies wanting to tackle these challenges:

  • Want to expand their training delivery options
  • Outdated or under-performing training programs
  • Struggle with new technology-oriented workforce
What Do We Get?
  • Readiness analysis report–including internal support (management, participants), IT infrastructure, current skill level of internal learning team for eLearning/mLearning design and development
  • Recommendations to stakeholders based on readiness analysis
Benefits For The Employees:
  • Feeling valued because the company is invested in their employees
  • Increased job satisfaction, motivation, and morale
  • Improved performance leading to career advancement
  • Flexibility in when and how they acquire training
Benefits For The Company:
  • Reduced training costs—Provides easy access to learning at any place and time
  • Encourages collaborative learning—Allows learners in different places to contact peers or other teams to discuss and learn
  • Increased employee engagement, retention, and loyalty
  • Better customer service, better work safety practices, and increased performance—mLearning is excellent for delivering just-in-time training and access to up-to-date information
  • Recruiting tool—young workers are already accustomed to being connected to mobile devices and using them for personal learning
Delivery Method(s):
  • On-site
  • Virtual
Price: Contact us for pricing. Initial one-hour consultation is free.


  • Coach internal learning team and stakeholders through implementation
  • Coach internal learning team in eLearning/mLearning best practices
  • Project management for implementing recommendations
  • Research different vendors for development tool recommendations