Package Name: From Good to Great: Performance Improvement for Individuals
Who is this For?
  • Any performer in a new role, who wants to understand what it takes to be successful
  • Any performer who is struggling in their current role, who wants to get specific feedback on what to do differently to improve performance.
  • Anyone seeking a promotion, new role, or career change, who wants to discover whether and how to maximize their enjoyment and success
What Do You Get? With this package you will receive:

  • Link to complete the online Harrison Assessments Questionnaire
  • 5 Harrison Assessment reports customized to the individual and his/her current or desired role:
  • Traits and Definitions
  • Job Success Factors
  • Paradox Graph and Narrative
  • Develop Trait for Position (2)
  • 3 hours of individual analysis and coaching from a Harrison Certified Coach
  • Clarity on the employee’s strengths as it relates to a specific role
  • An action plan to build development areas
What’s In It for Me? For the individual:

  • Benefit from personal attention from a performance improvement coach
  • Understand your strengths and how to leverage them to maximize your performance
  • Gain clarity on your weaknesses and identify ways to lessen their impact on your performance
  • Increase your self-esteem and confidence
  • Increase your ability to articulate the value you bring
  • Walk away with a clear plan for how to improve performance in your current role

For managers/leaders:

  • Receive customized data that analyzes and compares the employee’s natural traits to the specific traits needed for their role
  • Align employer and employee needs
  • Retain promising performer(s); avoid the effort and costs of replacing performer(s)
  • Benefit from improved employee performance, confidence, engagement
  • Gain customized, specific tips on how to manage, develop and retain performer(s)
Delivery Method:
  • Electronic copies of all reports
  • 3 private coaching sessions via phone, web or in person
Price: $995 per person For company-wide use, please contact us for group pricing.
Optional Add-Ons
  • 6 additional coaching sessions – accountability, support, correction, celebration while implementing your action plans  
  • Coach-the-Coach:  Tips, tricks and techniques to prepare for in-organization coaches to take over and complete the performer’s coaching in-house