Hiring the Best

We provide customizable recruitment and employee development solutions that predict and develop job performance while enhancing fair hiring practices and work satisfaction. Utilizing Harrison Assessments (HA) technology we can provide deep insight without needing a psychologist to interpret.
The Harrison Assessments profiling system measures job ‘suitability’ based on task preferences, work environment preferences, interests and personality traits. ‘Suitability’ is defined as the degree to which a person’s natural tendencies and preferences correspond with the requirements of a particular position. Harrison Assessments measures 150 traits that extrapolate to 270 job-relevant factors, therefore making it possible for each person’s assessment to be totally unique.

Hiring and Selection

The Harrison Assessments System provides a comprehensive assessment of the behavioral competencies required for a position and accurately predicts success and potential obstacles. Integrated selection tools include performance- based interviewing questions, how to attract the candidate, and the ability to calculate eligibility, suitability, and interview ratings for a composite ranking of candidates. The assessment is web-based and scored online with comprehensive results available within 15 seconds.